XML in Office 2003 - Information Sharing whith Desktop XML.pdf

XML in Office 2003 - Information Sharing whith Desktop XML PDF

From the Foreword by Jean Paoli, Microsoft XML Architect and co-editor of the W3C XML specification: XML enabled the transfer of information from server to server and server to client, even in cross-platform environments. But the desktop, where documents are created and analyzed by millions of information workers, could not easily participate. Business-critical information was locked inside data storage systems or individual documents, forcing companies to adopt inefficient and duplicative business processes. This is a book on re-inventing the way millions of people write and interact with documents. It succeeds in communicating the novel underlying vision of Office 2003XML while focusing on task-oriented, hands-on skills for using the product. Desktop XML affects every Office 2003 Professional Edition user! It transforms millions of desktop computers from mere word processors into rich clients for Web services, editing front-ends for XML content management systems, and portals for XML-based application integration. And this book shows you how to benefit from it. Youll learn exactly what XML can do for you, and youll master its key concepts, all in the content of the Office products you already know and use. With 200 tested and working code and markup examples and over 150 screenshots and illustrations from the actual shipped product (not betas), youll see step by step how: Office users can share documents more easily, without error-prone rework, re-keying, or cut-and-paste



ISBN 9780131421936
AUTEUR Charles-F Goldfarb
FICHIER XML in Office 2003 - Information Sharing whith Desktop XML.pdf
DATE 07/04/2020

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