Tomcat. Kick Start.pdf

Tomcat. Kick Start PDF

A fast-paced introduction to Tomcat. Learn to build and administer commercial-quality Web applications with Tomcat, the open source Servlet container from Apaches Jakarta Project. Tomcat runs JavaServer Pages and servlets, and integrates with other Apache tools for testing and debugging applications, utilizing frameworks, and implementing Web services. Tomcat Kick Start is a hands-on, practical guide to developing server-side Java applications with Tomcat. Starting with the basic principles of Web servers, servlet programming, and JSP development before introducing more advanced concepts, this book provides a solid foundation for developing Tomcat Web applications. Separate chapters on Tomcat installation and administration are intended for administrators with or without a development background.



ISBN 9780672324390
AUTEUR Debbie Law
FICHIER Tomcat. Kick Start.pdf
DATE 05/03/2020

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