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The Ex-Factor PDF

When Martha Seymore finds out about her boyfriends one-night-stand she doesnt know what to do. And Marthas business is relationships. Shes the girl who gets paid to sympathise with the cheated and jilted, the under-sexed and over-attached at Gloss magazine. Realising shes just as clueless as her hapless readers, Martha finds it increasingly difficult to continue giving relationship advice whilst dealing with her own heartache. Also, theres the distinctly unattractive prospect of admitting a failed relationship not only to her colleagues, but also to her oldest friend, Desdemona, whose irritatingly perfect lifestyle would make even a saint harbour murderous tendencies. Worse, Desdemonas new fiance is Alex, Marthas first ex-boyfriend, who, contrary to all expectations, has matured into an infuriatingly sexy and talented chef. Life just isnt fair. Tired of always doing the right thing, Martha starts to wonder is she has the right approach to relationships after all: is the best way to get one man off your mind, at least temporarily, to get another one into your bed?



ISBN 9780349402086
AUTEUR Andrea Semple
FICHIER The Ex-Factor.pdf
DATE 04/02/2020

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