Retail and Channel Marketing.pdf

Retail and Channel Marketing PDF

This text, written for graduate and postgraduate students, investigates the current trends in channel management from both the distributors and the manufacturers perspectives. A winning go-to-market strategy is a fundamental driver of competitive advantage. Manufacturers today have to find new ways to manage their channel relationships with evolving distributors. Besides being big economic players, distributors are also very effective in marketing activities, with the advantage of being in constant contact with the end-customer. Retail trends, marketing and innovation, e-commerce, channel marketing and multi-channel management are comprehensively covered, alongside theoretical and managerial issues. Business cases, as well as industry data and insights, are effectively used to illustrate key concepts in retail and channel marketing. Key features : chapter summary to support learning



ISBN 9781782546207
AUTEUR Sandro Castaldo
FICHIER Retail and Channel Marketing.pdf
DATE 05/06/2020

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