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Intended for a first-year graduate course in quantum mechanics, this text provides a thorough introduction to the subject. The first half of the book emphasizes bound-state problems. It begins with the familiar approach via differential equations and coordinate representations. A discussion of the factorization method and ladder operators for solving the eigenvalue problem leads naturally to the modern algebraic approach. Part II treats time-independent perturbation theory. The role of symmetry breaking in removing degeneracies is emphasized, but cases in which the first-order perturbation does not lead to the proper symmetry-adapted basis are also treated. Part III provides a detailed discussion of rotational symmetry and angular momentum, including the Wigner-Eckart theorem, and the matrix elements of the general rotation operator and of vector-coupled tensor operators in terms of angular momentum recoupling coefficients. It includes a chapter on the SO (2,1) algebra of a stretched Coulomb basis that avoids the infinite sum and continuum contributions of conventional perturbation treatments. Part IV provides an introduction to systems of identical particles. The second half deals chiefly with continuum problems : scattering theory, including rearrangement collisions



ISBN 9780387989198
AUTEUR Karl-Theodor Hecht
FICHIER Quantum Mechanics.pdf
DATE 06/02/2020

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