Professional Design Patterns in VB.NET: Building Adaptable Applications.pdf

Professional Design Patterns in VB.NET: Building Adaptable Applications PDF

A design pattern describes a common programming problem and a template solution. A design pattern approach to development brings reusable design and adaptability, and takes the notion of code reuse to a new level. Many design patterns are built on object-oriented techniques, so VB programmers had to wait until the release of Visual Basic NET for an opportunity to employ design patterns properly.This book gives a practical approach to using design patterns in VB.NET. We present example applications using design patterns so that you can see them in action and see the benefits that they bring. In separate chapters, we focus on the relevance of design patterns in the different tiers of a distributed n-tier architecture, and in the NET Remoting infrastructure that binds them.Along the way, we see how to recognize the need for a design pattern solution, and how to select, design, and implement the right patterns for the job. We also examine how parts of the NET Framework (like the NET Data Providers and NET Remoting) take advantage of design patterns and, consequently, do some of the work for us.Who is this book for?This book is primarily targeted at developers and architects interested in discussion and examples of design patterns coded in VB.NET.What is covered in this book?* An introduction to design patterns* The Gang-of-Four patterns* Model/View/Controller, Asynchronous Programming, and Store and Forward patterns* Examples of design patterns in the data tier, the business logic tier, and the presentation tier* The relevance and examples of design patterns in NET Remoting* A UML primer* Next steps - antipatterns and refactoring



ISBN 9781861006981
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DATE 09/06/2020

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