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Manifolds over complete nonarchimedean fields together with notions like tangent spaces and vector fields form a convenient geometric language to express the basic formalism of p-adic analysis. The volume starts with a selfcontained and detailed introduction to this language. This includes the discussion of spaces of locally analytic functions as topological vector spaces, important for applications in representation theory. The author then sets up the analytic foundations of the theory of p-adic Lie groups and develops the relation between p-adic Lie groups and their Lie algebras. The second part of the book contains, for the first time in a textbook, a detailed exposition of Lazards algebraic approach to compact p-adic Lie groups, via his notion of a p-valuation, together with its application to the structure of completed group rings.



ISBN 9783642211461
AUTEUR Peter Schneider
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DATE 07/04/2020

of H (as p-adic Lie group) related to its subgroups. H(r) occuring as ramification filtration? In Section 5.4, a few results from Number. Theory will suffice to show ...