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This book represents the culmination of Penelope Maddys recent work in the philosophy of mathematics.... We ... see a dramatic change in her views on the ontology of mathematics, as well as a subtle but significant change in her approach to metaphysics generally. These differences, however, should not overshadow the continuity this book bas with Maddys previous work: her central concern has always been the vindication of the pursuit ofindependent questions in set theory and their bearing on new set-theoretic axiom candidates. She continues her investigation of this important topic in Naturalism in Mathematics, albeit with a different philosophical outlook. The book is beautifully written, tightly argued and makes compelling reading. I believe the position Maddy introduces and defends - set theoreticnaturalism - is a significant and original addition to the philosophy of mathematicslandscape, and one that will certainly attract a great deal of attention.... In sum, this is a very important book covering some fascinating terrain on the border between philosophy and mathematics. The book will thus be of considerable interest to philosophers of mathematics and mathematicians alike. Indeed, Maddys engaging style and clear explanations of the more technical material make this book, like her last, accessible and of interest to the non-specialist as well. Naturalism in Mathematics should enjoy a wide readership and it will no doubt promote fruitful debate on the manyimportant issues it raises. MindThis is a powerful book: wonderfully erudite and a pleasure to read. Gideon Rosen, British Journal for the Philosophy of ScienceThe book is written in a lively, engaging style. We hope that it serves to stimulate others to think seriously about issues in philosophy of mathematics because, as Maddy claims, these issues bear directly on mainstream philosophy. Philosophy of Science



ISBN 9780198250753
AUTEUR Penelope Maddy
FICHIER Naturalism in mathematics.pdf
DATE 02/03/2020

Mathematical Naturalism Virtually all the discussion of the "philosophy of mathematics" in our century has been concerned with the enterprise of providing a foundation for mathematics. There is no doubt that this enterprise has often been mathematically fruitful. Indeed, the growth of logic as an important field within mathematics owes much to the pioneering work of scholars who hoped to Naturalism and Its Limits - The New York Times