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Latex for Linux. - A Vade Mecum PDF

LATEX for Linux is a comprehensive introduction and guide to using LATEX. While it is directed at Linux and UNIX users, it is also a first-rate how-to book on using LATEX to prepare articles, books, and theses for users of any system that supports LATEX. Unlike other LATEX books, it is especially useful for someone coming to LATEX for the first time. As Linux grows rapidly in popularity, more and more people looking to take advantage of the desktop publishing power of LATEX-included with most Linux distributions-will find LATEX for Linux a wonderful way to get started.Part 1 presents basic LATEX concepts. Part 2 presents the nuts and bolts for making LATEX work, including the resources you will need: editors, the mechanics of turning a text file into a viewable or printed document, and the error log file-including a detailed description of how to go about correcting mistakes in marking up your document. Part 3 is a detailed presentation of LATEX instructions. Parts 4 to 6 examine the three LATEX modes-Paragraph (text), Math, and LR (box). Included in these Parts are changing fonts using the New Font Selection Scheme (NFSS), manipulating space and lists, formatting equations, replicating math symbols in simpler text mode, cross-referencing, and designing figures and tables. Part 7 describes how to add pictures and graphics from your own collection, from the Net, and from another operating system. Part 8 details the finishing touches: the bibliography, table of contents, glossary, and index. Part 9 summarizes counters, lengths, and page layout as a prologue to construction of style sheets. An appendix discusses HTML to LATEX and vice versa.Written by an expert on text processing and a practiced user of markup languages, this book, with its detailed instructions, many illustrative examples, and extensive list of additional resources, will prove invaluable to anyone currently using LATEX, migrating their work to the Linux environment, or just learning LATEX for the first time.



ISBN 9780387987088
AUTEUR Bernice Sacks Lipkin
FICHIER Latex for Linux. - A Vade Mecum.pdf
DATE 03/03/2020

Latex for Linux.- A Vade Mecum est un excellent livre. Ce livre a été écrit par l'auteur Bernice Sacks Lipkin. Sur notre site, vous pouvez lire le livre Latex for Linux.- A Vade Mecum … Read Latex For Linux A Vade Mecum -