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Now in a thoroughty updated new edition, this textbook remains the only undergraduate introduction to immunology written by teachers of the course. The new eighth edition retains its hallmark experimental presentation of the most current research, while now incorporating new content to help students see the big picture. Owen, Punt, and Stranford, with special contributor Patricia Jones (Stanford), bring an enormous range of teaching and research experiences to the text, as well as a dedication to continue the experiment-based, pedagogical-driven approach of Janis Ruby. For this edition, they have worked chapter by chapter to streamline the coverage, to address topics that students have the most trouble grasping, and to continually remind students where the topic at hand fits in the study of immunology as a whole. New to this edition features include : - Chapter 1. Overview of the Immune System offers a clearer overview of the whole immune system. - A capstone chapter, Ch.14, The Immune Response in Time and Space, refers more directly back to the Chapter 1 overview to tie everything together. - Chapters 15-19 cover key clinical concepts and issues. - New Chapter 13. Mucosal Immunity and the Microbiome.



ISBN 9781319114701
AUTEUR Jenni Punt
FICHIER Kuby Immunology.pdf
DATE 04/06/2020

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