E-Merchant. Retail Strategies for e-Commerce, with CD-ROM.pdf

E-Merchant. Retail Strategies for e-Commerce, with CD-ROM PDF

e-Merchant: Retail Strategies for e-Commerce provides a step-by-step tour through the world of e-retail merchandising and management, beginning with the fundamentals: defining and differentiating your business, as well as filling a niche. From there, you will explore the vital, yet often misunderstood, topics of assortment planning, merchandising, inventory management, pricing and promotion, profitability, vendor relations, and organizational structure. The book puts these business essentials in the context of the Web medium, and notes the ways that the Web can lower entry barriers, enhance product presentation, better target customers, create customer relationships through site content, increase flexibility of pricing and product offerings, improve vendor relations, and more. Two e-retail examples run throughout the book to illustrate how key principles are put to work. In addition, case studies based on interviews with real-world e-retailers reveal how these principles have been adapted by businesses of all sizes, with a range of markets and products. Whether you are a Web-based business needing to understand sound retailing concepts or you are working with Web-based retailers and want to understand their businesses from the inside out, e-Merchant integrates traditional retail and e-retail, showing you how to survive and thrive.



ISBN 9780201721690
AUTEUR Robin Neidorf
FICHIER e-Merchant. Retail Strategies for e-Commerce, with CD-ROM.pdf
DATE 08/02/2020

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