Cryptography in C and C++. - CD-ROM included.pdf

Cryptography in C and C++. - CD-ROM included PDF

Cryptography in C and C++ mainly focuses on the practical, aspects involved in implementing public key cryptography methods, such as the RSA algorithm that was recently released from patent protection. It also gives both a technical overview and an implementation of the Rijndael algorithm that was selected as the American Encryption Standard by the U.S. government. Welschenbach avoids complexities by explaining cryptography and its mathematical basis in terms a programmer can easily understand.This book offers a comprehensive, yet relentlessly practical, overview of the fundamentals of modern cryptography. It includes a wide-ranging library of code in C and C++, including the RSA algorithm, completed by an extensive Test Suite that proves that the code works correctly. Readers will learn, step-by-step, how to implement a platform-independent library for the all-important multiprecision arithmetic used in modern cryptography followed by an implementation of the cryptographic algorithms themselves.



ISBN 9781893115958
AUTEUR Michael Welschenbach
FICHIER Cryptography in C and C++. - CD-ROM included.pdf
DATE 06/06/2020

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