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The study of molecules in excited states has exploded over the past decade, providing new insights into conformational changes in organic molecules and opening up research opportunities for scientists and professionals in chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, and materials engineering.Using conformational analysis as a unifying concept, this important new work provides readers with a cohesive and cutting-edge overview of this fascinating and challenging field. From conformational changes accompanying photoinduced electron transfer to elementary photophysical and photochemical processes in living systems, the most representative and challenging topics are carefully gleaned from the vast literature, highlighting major conceptual problems along with the relevant experimental techniques. Authoritative, detailed contributions from both experimentalists and theoreticians include coverage of:• Conformational changes in intramolecular excited state electron transfer• Conformational aspects of excited state proton transfer• The novel topic of solute-solvent friction in chemical reactions• Mechanisms and structural aspects of exciplex formations• Conformational aspects of organic photochemistry• Calculations of excited state conformational properties



ISBN 9780471297079
AUTEUR Jacek Waluk
FICHIER Conformational Analysis of Molecules in Excited States.pdf
DATE 01/03/2020

Request PDF | On Oct 30, 2013, Fariba Mollania and others published Molecular structure, vibrational assignments, conformational stability, ground and excited state hydrogen-bonding analysis of 2