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This book presents the mathematical concepts and their interpretations in the field of signal processing. The authors aim is to demonstrate how advanced signal processing applications are structured on the basic mathematical concepts. Identifying four areas of mathematics including function representation, generalized inverse, modal decomposition and optimization, the book illustrates how basic concepts transcend into mathematical methods, and mathematical methods perform signal processing tasks. While presenting the theorems of mathematics, the books emphasis lies on applications and interpretations. Simulations by MATLAB programs and graphical representations of the simulated results are provided to introduce the computational side of signal processing algorithms. It also includes a large number of signal processing applications and practice problems for better understanding of the concepts discussed. The book is ideal for advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students from various disciplines of science and engineering, as well as for researchers and practicing engineers engaged in signal processing.



ISBN 9781107175174
AUTEUR Pradip Sircar
FICHIER Mathematical Aspects of Signal Processing.pdf
DATE 09/02/2020

Mathematical Methods and Algorithms for Signal … Mathematical Methods and Algorithms for Signal Processing tackles the challenge of providing readers and practitioners with the broad tools of mathematics employed in modern signal processing. Building from an assumed background in signals and stochastic processes, the book provides a solid foundation in analysis, linear algebra, optimization, and statistical signal processing.