1ers secours pour mon chien.pdf

1ers secours pour mon chien PDF

Because an image is worth a thousand words, this practical guide is illustrated with over 700 photos and diagrams, together with simple technical explanations. With its help, you will be able to respond adequately when your four-legged friend is injured, unwell or intoxicated. Our dogs have become true members of our family. When an accident occurs, following basic first aid procedures, calling the veterinarian and taking the dog quickly to a qualified professional will prevent any deterioration in your dogs state of health. The procedures presented in this book are not intended to replace the advice of a veterinarian. But they will help you to best protect your companions life and health while waiting to transport him or her to the health professional. The purpose of this book is to allow any owner : to recognize signs of distress, to do the best he/she can to preserve the dogs life, to avoid, if possible, any aggravation while waiting for the veterinarians advice over the phone and the provision of professional medical care to your pet - In a pocket format and in the form of an alphabet, this guide is meant to be practical and accessible. It will slip easily into your backpack during walks or in your first aid kit. An essential guide that any caring pet-owner should consult regularly !



ISBN 9782357385375
AUTEUR Icone Graphic
FICHIER 1ers secours pour mon chien.pdf
DATE 08/05/2020

Editions Icone Graphic - Premiers Secours, secourisme ... Le guide pratique "1ers secours pour mon chien" a reçu la mention spéciale du "Meilleur guide pratique 2019" de la Société Centrale Canine. Parce qu’une image vaut mille mots, ce guide pratique est illustré de plus de 700 photos et schémas complétés d’explications techniques simples. Grâce à lui, vous serez capable de réagir lorsque votre compagnon à quatre pattes se blesse